Storytelling and photography belong together.

Photos that are professional, yet intimate, and that can give away a sense of persons energy and personality is a special skill set from a photographer, that comes from many years, meeting all kinds of people and observing human behaviour and stature.


Luckily for me, I have had the privilege of both writing pieces as a journalist and also being principle photographer on many assignments over the last 15 years. I love meeting new people, seeing what they do and are passionate about and listening to their stories. Photos taken in a natural setting, or where the subject is more comfortable (and has their tools of the trade around them) tends to be more successful for taking a great picture.  


Pictures that convey enjoyment and passion for what one does while also flattering facial features and body shapes need to be encompassed in the entire photograph.


A great self-promotion photograph can suitably be used for years.  Ideal for book jackets and print, music promotion, professional websites and other self-promotion branding.


I caught the "Travel Bug" early. I got on my first plane when I was six years old and never looked back.  When i wasn't in an airport, i was wishing i was at an airport! I have travelled UK, Europe, Ireland, Asia, and Australia.

I plan to do so much more.

You will see a-lot of these travels featured in my blog.


I hope that you enjoy the read and looking at my photos.

(Pictured: Kettering, Tasmania, Australia 2014)

(Pictured: Grounds of Ashford Castle, Ireland, 2004)