Writing & Communication Services

(Limited Availability 2020 - not taking new clients at this time)

Available for:

  • Blogging
  • Copywriting 
  • Feature Writing
  • Ghost Writing
  • Business Development Consulting

Hello, I am Eimear. 


I have been a Media Journalist, Photographer and Marketing Specialist for the last 17 years, and have worked in media roles, corporate roles and freelance roles in the UK, Ireland and Australia for medium to large scale companies. I have also operated my own small business for over 9 years.


Red Dirt Road Blog has taken shape as a project for me to write about my passions and to grow my portfolio as I freelance, write, take pictures and travel. I also help other people in business by writing copy for them, assisting them to create "buzz" for their business, and helping to share their personal stories.


I live close to Melbourne, in the Gippsland Strzelecki Ranges with my family and we grow yummy food in the glorious red volcanic dirt. 

Let's tell your story.

As a Journalist and writer, it is my job to highlight businesses and individuals through storytelling. 


If  finding the right words to say about yourself and your business is causing worriment, then as a writer of copy for over 16 years, I can help you craft the right message that you can send out into the world. 


Writing copy is individual and a unique pursuit, so every piece crafted is tailored to your needs, whether you are a  personality, or business team.  


All projects are quoted and priced individually to suit each creative project. As an MEAA (Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance) accredited member of the press, you are ensured to have a high quality professional journalist with public liability and well established media networks. 


An hourly rate is established for one-off items. For bigger projects that include intensive writing work, 5-hour "tasking blocks" of time are available at a competitive rates. 


Contact directly through email or website to discuss a writing project and receive a quote. 

All projects Include:

  • Tailored consultation, conducted in person or by phone / video call.
  • Timeline Calendar - deadlines. 
  • Research and further reading.
  • 1st draft for feedback.
  • Up to 2 x revisions
  • Proofreading.
  • Final Version.
  • Sent to local/national media if Public Relations exercise, and liaise with media.

Services that can help you connect with your clients:

  • Copy for websites.
  • Accomodation Copywriting.
  • Music / Art Copywriting.
  • Tourism Copywriting.
  • PR / Media
  • Ghost writing.
  • Feature Articles.
  • Copy for Technical Booklets inc. Annual Reports, Guide Books, Course Guides, etc.
  • and more.......

Business Development Session - Limited Availability

Ready to craft some amazing messages for your business? 


If you need a brainstorming session and guidance in planning marketing and public relations within your business, then a Business Development session will provide you with outstanding results. 


I can help integrate strategies and an action plan to help your business, including:

  • Using creativity in your business
  • Modern Public Relations / Digital Inclusion
  • Hashtag Campaigns / Messaging
  • SEO/Writing for the Web
  • Developing and crafting your story
  • Networking and connecting to your audience

All sessions are summarised in a report, sent complete with action plan, so it so tasks can be instigated easily. 

$195.00 - 1 hour session


I have worked on projects  in the following areas:


Branding and Identity - business & self-promotion

Public Relations

Training Small Groups

Adult Education Groups

Online Business - writing and creating websites

Guide books - Travel and Education

Retail / Sales Business (small Business Owner)

Melbourne Radio School


Areas of interest and knowledge:

House and Garden

Country Life


World Travel




Sustainable Housing

Rural Living

Organic Produce

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Technology and Online Business

Tertiary / Adult Education

Samples of Work:

Development and layout of Faces Of Gippsland website

Runner-up winner of national MOZO Finance travel blogger competition

PR /Media Work

Guest Blog Part One: Faces of Gippsland

Regular Features Writer: Gippsland Country Life Magazine

Regular contributor and music festival copy writing for:

Website creation, copy writing and product photography for Divine Healing with Jess:

Lets Collaborate:

If you have a special project and need help to make a difference and get your message out there, then please contact me at reddirtblog@gmail.com . I work on projects from anywhere from 1 month to 12+ months, depending on whats needed. 

Please don't hesitate to start the conversation, new ideas and innovation are the keystones to our communities.

ABN:  65708312776