Business Development Sessions

(limited availability 2020)

I offer business development sessions for small business and individuals, working on public relations, copy and marketing strategies to create buzz for your business. With twenty years of experience working in my own business, I also bring a host of business and efficiency hacks to the table, as well as knowledge of current trends and a vast network of contacts that can help you to get where you are going. The best thing is, you finish the session with a recording or video, as well as receiving a written actionable report that will cover everything discussed and has a list of goals and actions ready for you to get going! 

"Thank you! In today's session you gave me the kick up the butt I needed. I've had a lot of increased interest on Instagram and my Facebook has grown by over 20 people already!" -A.P

Each session includes:

  • Tailored one-on-one session for 1 hour in person or via Zoom or Google Meet.
  • How to implement the most cost effective strategies that can assist your business to move forward.
  • Resources and support to follow up with session.
  • Networking and contacts that may be able to help you action your goals.
  • Includes a written report with actionable goals.

$310.00 - 1 hour session