My story

How I learnt to grow...

While I feel like I have always had the green growing energy “in me”, the earliest gardening that I can remember is when I was 5 years old and one sunny Irish day my grandfather let my sister, who was 4, and I plant some carnation seeds. I think he realised fairly quickly that it was a haphazard exercise as he tried to direct us where to put the seeds, but surely they went everywhere! 


Hello, I am Eimear. 


I have been a Media Journalist, Photographer and Marketing Specialist for the last 21 years, and have worked in media roles, corporate roles and freelance roles in the UK, Ireland and Australia for medium to large scale companies. I have also operated my own small business for over 9 years.


In 2022, I will take a step back from working with clients, going into semi-retirement as I prioritise my own projects and side businesses close to my heart as well as homeschool our son. I'm looking forward to the challenge and change of pace that this brings. 


I live close to Melbourne, in the Gippsland Strzelecki Ranges with my family and we grow yummy food in the glorious red volcanic dirt. 

My grandparents had bought a one-acre plot for retirement and plopped a small bungalow in the very middle of it. Grandad had a greenhouse where I remembered tasting the best strawberries i'd ever had in my whole little life that Summer. 

Nine years on..


I am still writing my blog, and loving it! As a result, I have had the chance to work on some amazing writing and media projects, and I have also been able to connect with many in the horticultural industry and undertake professional development in Horticulture.


I have written regular magazine features for Gippsland Country Life Magazine, volunteered at my beautiful local community garden, traveled to exciting emerging and prominent horticultural gardens throughout Gippsland, Victoria and Melbourne, as well as Ireland and the UK. I have also gotten the chance to hold workshops in cooking, gardening and blogging, which I have just loved, as I get to meet many local people.


Heartfelt thanks goes out to you all for joining my list of growing readers and for supporting this blog. I look forward to writing many more blogs and articles for you in 2024 and beyond.