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The Heartwarming Little Museum of Dublin
Travel · 06. November 2018
This little museum, that sits comfortably inside a iconic Georgian house in Dublin 2, is home to the quirky, sometimes forgotten, and a a tad absurd history of this amazing city. From personalities, to one-off artefacts that you can actually touch and feel to a room celebrating Dublin's most legendary and riddled band U2. The museum is really dedicated the characters that made Dublin the amazing city that it is today.
Travel · 27. February 2018
Where to take the biggest little bookworm I know in the world? To the oldest book and longest library in Dublin. "Book of Kells" at Trinity College.

The Jameson Experience
Travel · 01. September 2015
I'm definitely not an "always whiskey" drinker, but I have done a few tours in my time due to general interest in Scotland and Australia so a trip to Jameson Midleton Co Cork (which wasn't too far out of my way) was enticing. And I am so glad that I did, for what I found there was more than just a whiskey "experience", but a full blown marketing "experience", impressive in nature, and with a definite "wow" factor that left me in awe of these marketing gods of whiskey!