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RecipeCard: Cream of Chicken Soup
Country Kitchen & Recipes · 17. June 2016
Meat Bone Broths are excellent for winter blues and flus, not to mention its packed with collagen, vitamins and minerals as well as being delicious.
Recipe Card: Slow Cooker Chicken and Black Pudding Casserole
Country Kitchen & Recipes · 17. May 2016
I don't have any big kitchen appliances, except for a Thermomix, as I like one having one contraption that does nearly everything in the kitchen. Saves time in the long run. I want more time now more than ever to spend not doing mindless standing over the stove in the kitchen. I'd rather spend the evenings with the kids and enjoying time with them. After looking at countless recipe books I decided to make up a recipe with the 2 main meaty ingredients i had left out. Black Pudding (a staple i