New Summer seed mixes from Yates.

Yate's creates new bee and butterfly seed mixes for home gardeners.

Yates Gardening have just released their new Summer seeds range and, oh I am so delighted that there are two new seed mixes, one for the butterflies and one for the bees!


The “Bee Pasture for Pollen and Nectar” seed mix contains selected varieties of bee attracting flowers including Phacelia, Borage, Poppies, Zinnia and Calendula.


The “Butterfly Field” beneficial insect seed mix contains varieties of butterfly attracting flowers including Asclepias (milkweed), Cosmos, Salvia, Agastache, Monarda and Calendula.

These are wonderful bug attracting mixes that are low maintenance.  Regular dead-heading of flowers is advised, or you can let the flower heads drop and the mix will self-seed regularly. I am a big fan of being a lazy gardener and letting the garden self-seed.


Some other vegetable favourites from the new Summer range that tickled my fancy were the Dwarf Bean Tricolour Mix, which is a mix of three coloured dwarf beans, of green, gold and purple dwarf pods, this will be sure to brighten up the garden and our dinner plates. 


A colourful surprise was the bright yellow Zucchini “Solar Flare”, which is described as sweet and tender, and that can be eaten raw, steamed, baked or stir fried. I’m really excited to give these a go! You can plant these next door to one of the Bee or Butterfly mixes to help with pollination of your Zucchini flowers. 

Other seeds in the new range are:



Lucky for me, Yates Gardening Australia* has sent me a wonderful selection of their new Summer seeds, which I will get growing over the season, and I'll be sure to update you over on Instagram so you can see how things are progressing.


Make sure to keep an eye out for these lovely new seed mixes when you visit your local nursery over the Summer season. 

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*while these seeds were gifted to me, this is not a sponsored post. I would never blog about something without being genuinely interested and excited to tell readers about it. I only ever blog about brands I actually really like, whose products or services I would be happy to use myself, and I’d recommend to my best friends.