Making Gluten-free Scones

It's really true, that it's the simple things in life that are the very best. When I was younger, and was oblivious to coeliacs disease, I was that kid that loved fruit cake, scones, irish soda bread, and a glorious irish apple tart with custard. 


These are my comfort foods and I adore them. For the last decade I have tried every store-bought gluten free "flour" that I could get my hands on to try and make a decent scone or soda bread. Every failure spurred me on to find something else. But no, always a fail! 

Baking gluten-free scones that really work!
Baking gluten-free scones that really work!

A few months ago I assisted at a Thermomix cooking class featuring superwoman baker from Perth, Yoke Mardewi , who has developed her own proper gluten-free bread flours that not only makes baking gluten free sourdough a breeze, but now has formulated a new cake or 1:1 substitute flour that can make superb scones. It's life changing!


After taking home her flour, I can attest to the fact that they perform as well as regular flours,  leaving your tummy feeling wonderful after a meal. 


Not only are her flours rigorously tested, they contain no gums or bad additives and are a proper natural flour that is great for your gut.


Her flours are certified gluten free, vegan and FODMAP friendly.  It's clear from seeing Yoke bake in action, that her flours and baking are her life's passion and that she has worked tirelessly to make a wonderful high quality product that surpasses all the others. 


You can find her recipes, classes and buy flours online at: wildsourdough.com.au . She has classes online or in-person around Australia. 


I am sharing the recipe below for ease (I've adapted it to a Thermomix recipe).  You can also find a recipe for scones on the Wildsourdough website here. 


Baking gluten free scones
Baking gluten free scones


  • 250 grams wild sourdough 1:1 gluten free baking mix
  • 15gm gluten free baking powder (Double acting: containing ingredient "phyrophosphate")
  • 2.5gms salt
  • 125gms sour cream,or full cream
  • 150gms fizzy mineral water or lemonade
  • Fine rice flour, arrowroot or cornflour to dust your bench


1. Preheat oven to 220 degrees celsius.


2. Add dry ingredients to Thermomix (i have TM6) and blend 2 seconds, speed 4.


3. Add wet ingredients and knead for 30 seconds on "dough" mode.


4. Mix until it forms into a rough dough


5. Roll or press dough on floured bench to 3cm thickness and use cutter or glass, or cut into six squares.


6. Put scones on baking paper brush with milk, put on second tray in middle of oven, not at top. 


7. Reduce temperature to 200 degrees and bake for 20-25 minutes until inner temperature is 100 degrees celsius and golden brown.


8 . Enjoy! 

Enjoying gluten-free scones made from wildsourdough's flour.
Enjoying gluten-free scones made from wildsourdough's flour.