Get off the Bench Podcast.

One of the best motivational and inspiring leaders out there, Kerryn Vaughan , asked me to chat with her on her podcast, which is all about motivating people to get up off the bench and achieve great things!


Kerryn has said that she has learned a few things on her own journey:


Your life must have meaning


You need to help others and help yourself equally


You have to actually ‘get off the bench’ to make something better


Nobody else has a magic wand for your life so stop expecting them to


The most important thing in life is how you FEEL


You MUST stand up for what you believe in


Courage changes everything!


She would love to share her message, findings and inspiration with people everywhere, and interrupt the status quo of accepting without questioning, and of sitting when we should be standing. Her podcast demonstrates that transformation happens when you begin. 

So that's what we talked about really. Where do you begin when putting a blog together? What obstacles have I faced? What opportunities have arose? You can find it all out, as well as much more about health and gardening, by listening below:

Use this link to listen:

She's had so many amazing guests, and is an amazing person herself. Add her podcast to your listen list. I really enjoyed laughing and chatting with her and I hope you enjoy her podcast.