The Gut-Mind Collective Podcast.

I was recently very excited to receive an invitation to talk on The Gut-Mind Collective Podcast, with my good friend and fellow happiness warrior Merryn Padgett in East Gippsland. The episode is all about having coeliacs disease and the role my kitchen garden played in helping to recover. 


I'd like to thank Merryn for interviewing me, and hope that you enjoy listening and finding out more about navigating the early stages of Coeliac diagnosis, as well as hearing about the many benefits of having an edible garden. 



The gut-mind collective podcast - Eimear McNelis

About the podcast:

The Gut-Mind Collective podcast helps busy women develop sustainable, nourishing health habits so you feel calmer and more energetic.


They share guided meditations, gut-mind health hacks & interviews to inspire you to put yourself first & lead a purposefully healthy life.

"Gardening has made me aware of how important eating and growing locally is to your health and body, how gardening is a spiritual endeavour – meditation and grounding, being aware of climate change and our impact on waste and a way of keeping physically fit. When you nurture the earth, it’s really taking care of you in a complete way as a return.” - Eimear McNelis

Podcast Episode: How gardening can help Coeliac disease with Eimear McNelis

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